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How to Save GIFs from Twitter
On iOS device: Due to this iOS automation program Shortcuts, Which is free and supplied by Apple, you can download GIF from Twitter at one go without needing to convert video to GIF manually. Download Shortcuts program. Get this Shortcut. Copy the Twitter
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How to Save a GIF from Twitter on Computer/Android/iOS

As twitter converts all the GIFs into a video format and does not provide a magic link to download them it becomes difficult when a user want to download a GIF which he likes the most. So in today’s guide, i am going to share some working methods to save a Gif from twitter on a Computer or an Android phone.
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Twitter視頻下載器,一鍵下載Twitter視頻和Twitter GIF的最佳工具。 使用此工具可以輕松地下載推文GIF中的所有視頻。 1) 找到有視頻下載的推文。 2) 現在復制推文鏈接。 3) 將twitter鏈接粘貼到上面的URL文本框中。 4) 現在您將獲得不同格式的下載鏈接。
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Mydowndown 是一個線上下載 Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo, Xuite影片的小工具, 不用安裝任何的套件, 幫助您找到任何想保留,記錄的影片。
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Upload Images To Twitter From Your iPhone or iPad

21/2/2018 · I’ll review not only how to add a photo but also how to add a video or GIF as well. How To Upload Images To Twitter Using An iPhone or iPad 1 – To start off, download and install the Twitter
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Cara Download File GIF dari Twitter di Komputer, …

Cara Download File GIF dari Twitter di Komputer, Android dan iOS Oleh RatuLely 9/21/2019 08:14:00 PM Posting Komentar Dari banyaknya media sosial yang tersedia di internet, Twitter adalah salah satu platform yang paling hidup, sesuai dengan sasaran dan paling komunikatif diantara media sosial lainnya (Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, blog, dll).
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